Nice infographic around the world of brand content- from strategies to technologies to brand examples - as well as content’s ability to gain customers

i really dig this infographic from the warby parker annual report. it is simple, decipherable and tells me key data between the relationship of social and marketing:

- where are my referrals coming from

- quantity of people are posting (key to selling glasses)

- community growth 

fantastic use of infographics in the new warby parker annual report - particularly the social media page that links sales/marketing to social in a simple, decipherable way

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"See, no matter what some social media guru told you, Twitter is not just a marketing amplification engine. It’s a bunch of people, sharing things they think are worth sharing. Trying to start a McDonald’s appreciation hashtag is like the smelly, creepy kid running a write-in campaign for Prom King — not gonna work, and probably gonna backfire. People don’t start liking you just because you suggest a way to express their admiration."

do you kach? commbank launched this back in december. features include paypal, paypass compatibility. anyone have any reviews or experience with it?